CCTV Surveys

CCTV Surveys, what are they and why do you need one.



What is a CCTV Survey

A CCTV drainage survey is a process for examining the condition of drainage systems remotely with a camera system that records video footage and captures other useful data.

The technology has become an essential tool for inspecting and surveying underground drains, sewers, culverts and associated drainage assets safely, quickly and cost-effectively.

The techniques and equipment deployed to carry out CCTV drainage surveys can also be used to inspect above ground pipes, for example soil stacks, rainwater downpipes, industrial process pipes storage tanks, vertical chutes, and ducting systems.

What CCTV surveys are used for

  • As a remote access technology, CCTV drainage surveys allow data to be gathered safely, without operatives having to carry out confined space entries, which are potentially-hazardous.
  • CCTV drainage surveys are vital to planned preventative maintenance (PPM) programmes, allowing asset owners to manage costs and avoid highly-damaging drain and pipe failures.
  • They are used to investigate drain and sewer problems, such as blockages, poor flow rates and pollution incidents.
  • They support construction projects – by identifying drain connectivity and allowing contractors to design appropriate drainage systems that meet regulatory controls.
  • CCTV surveys are used to carry out pre-adoption condition inspections – allowing building contractors to show the condition of drainage assets before they are handed over to clients.
  • They are used to support planned work to carry out pipe repairs, rehabilitation and replacement.